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Christian male Boy Baby Names
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Biblical Christian Male boy Baby Names

Christian Baby Names Biblical Names with Meanings

Are you searching for a Christian Baby Name for your new born baby girl or baby boy but are unsure where to start? Below, you will find (hopefully) some inspiration to get you started on your baby name search. Feel free to browse the alphabetic listing of Christian Boy Names and Christian Girl Baby Names below.

This is a collection of popular Christian male boy baby names. The term Christian names often confuses and to make clear, these originate from two main sources: the Bible and from the saints who have been created throughout church history. In some Western cultures the first name is also called the christian name with no real link to the Bible or the saints. Even in an increasingly secular society, Christian first names are still as popular as ever.

This section is a little different from the rest of the site where the meaning of the name is only given. It is the intention to give a little story or background to some of these biblical Christian names in addition to the meaning.

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  (Pronounced Air-uhn or A-run) this is from the Hebrew or Egyptian, possibly meaning bright or mountaineer. Aaron was Moses' elder brother and Israels' first high priest. Appears in Ex. 4:14  
  (Ay-bull) Biblical boys name which originates in (Hebrew) , appearing in Gen. 4:2 and meaning vanity; breath; vapor. Abel was one of Adam and Eve's sons. Murdered by his brother Cain.  
  Biblical boys name which originates in (Hebrew) , appearing in 1 Sam. 22:20 and meaning excellent father; father of the remnant.  
  Biblical boys name which originates in (Hebrew) , appearing in Ex. 6:22 and meaning he is my father.  
  Biblical boys name which originates in (Hebrew) , appearing in 1 Chron. 7:8 and meaning the Lord is my father.  
  (AB-nur) from Hebrew, meaning "Father is light". Abner was Saul's cousin. Biblical boys name which originates in (Hebrew) , appearing in 1 Sam. 14:50  
  (AY-bru-ham) from Hebrew, meaning "father of many". He was the chief recipient of God's promises in the old testament, appearing in Gen.17:5.Variant: Abe  
  Biblical boys name which originates in (Hebrew) , appearing in Gen. 11:27 and meaning high father; exaltedfather.  
  (AB-suh-luhm) from Hebrew, meaning "Father of Peace". he was David's third son, who overthrew his father and was king for a short period of time.  
  Biblical boys name which originates in (Hebrew) , appearing in 1 Kings 15:2 and meaning father of peace.  
  (AD-uum) from Hebrew, closely related to the word for man. Biblical boys name which originates in (Hebrew) , appearing in Gen. 3:17 and meaning earthy; red.  
  (AD-lay) from Hebrew meaning "my adornment". Father of Shaphat.  
  Biblical boys name which originates in (Hebrew) , appearing in 2 Sam. 3:4 and meaning the Lord is my master.  
  (AY-dree-un) from the Latin Hadrianus, meaning "of Adria-the Italian town). Saint and martyr of Nicomedia. Variant: Hadrian  
  (Ay-duhn) from Irish Gaelic meaning small fire. Irish missionary died 651AD. Founded the monastery on Lindisfarne. variant is Aiden  
  (A-lan) from a Celtic name meaning harmony. Variants Allan or Allen.  
  (All-bun) has its root from the Latin albus meaning white. Third century English martyr.  
  (Al-burt) from the old German name Adalbert meaning noble. Most famously a German theologian and bishop (1206-80)  
  (AL-doh). from an old German name Ald meaning old. Eight century saint and native of Siena in Italy. Variant is Aldous.  
  Biblical boys name which originates in (Greek) , appearing in Mark 15:21 and meaning one who assists men; defender of men. The most "famous" of Christian Alexanders was the Bishop of Alexandria (died 326AD)  
  (Pronounced Ah - Lek-sis) Christian name taken from the Greek for "defender. The story of the life of St Alexis is that he abandoned his bride on their wedding day to go on pilgrimage. Sometimes used as a female variant of Alexander  
  (Pronounced Al-o-wish-is) is the latinised version of Aloys. Most famous was the Italian Jesuit student, born into a noble family he tended to victims of a plague in Rome and died in 1591 aged just 23.  
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