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Biblical Christian Female girl Baby Names

Christian Baby Names Biblical Names with Meanings

Are you searching for a Christian Baby Name for your baby girl or new born baby boy but are unsure where to start? Below, you will find (hopefully) some inspiration to get you started on your baby name search. Feel free to browse the alphabetic listing of Christian Boy Names and Christian Girl Baby Names below.

This is a collection of popular Christian male boy baby names. The term Christian names often confuses and to make clear, these originate from two main sources: the Bible and from the saints who have been created throughout church history. In some Western cultures the first name is also called the christian name with no real link to the Bible or the saints. Even in an increasingly secular society, Christian first names are still as popular as ever.

This section is a little different from the rest of the site where the meaning of the baby name is only given. It is the intention to give a little story or background to some of these biblical Christian names in addition to the meaning.

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  (AB-i-gale) from Hebrew, meaning father's joy. Married King David after her husband, Nabal, a rich shepherd had died. Variants include Abbey, Abby, Gail, Gale  
  (ADD-ree-anna) from the Latin Hadrianus, meaning "of Adria-the Italian town). Female variant of Adrian. Variant: Adrienne  
  (A-guth-ah) from Greek meaning "good". Sicilian martyr from Third Century.  
  (AG-ness) from Greek meaning pure. Agnes was a Roman martyr who died c304  
  The feminine form of Albert.  
  (Pronounced Ah - Lek-sis) Christian name taken from the Greek for "defender. The story of the life of St Alexis is that he abandoned his bride on their wedding day to go on pilgrimage. Sometimes used as a female variant of Alexander  
  (Pronounced - Ah -lay-dis) and originates in the German for "noble cheer". Most famous is a 13th century Cistercian saint noted for her humility and kindness.  
  (pronounced al - fon - seen) this is the female version of Alphonsus.  
  Pronounced (ah-man-da)Feminine form of Amandus meaning "worthy of love"  
  (am-i-tee) from the word meaning friendship.  
  (ay-mee) originates in old french for beloved. The most famous being the 13th century Dominican nun of Bologna in Italy.  
  (an-uh-staz-eh-a) originates in the Greek for resurrection. Most famous being the Martyr of Sirmium. Liittle is reliably known other than that she died in the persecutions of Diocletian. Most records about her, date from several centuries after her death and make her variously a Roman or Sirmian native or a Roman citizen of patrician rank.  
  (an-jel-a) from the Greek meaning angel or messenger. Most famously the name of two saints, Angela of Foligno being the more widely known.  
  Originates in the name Hannah from the Hebrew meaning favour. Traditionally thought of as the mother of the virgin Mary. A number of variants including Anne, Anita, Annette, Annie, Nan.  
  as per Anne in origin. Anna recognised the baby Jesus as the Messiah when he was brought into the temple.  
  Female variant of Anthony. (an-thu-nee) which is an English form of the Roman clan name Antonius. Most famous being the a number of saints such as the Egyptian hermit (251-356), Antony of Padua who is the patron saint of Portugal .  
  Female variant of Anthony. (an-thu-nee) which is an English form of the Roman clan name Antonius. Most famous being the a number of saints such as the Egyptian hermit (251-356), Antony of Padua who is the patron saint of Portugal .  
  (a-pol-on-ee-a) from the Greek "of Apollo". Tradition was that Apollonia was the deaconess of Alexandria who was among the Christians who were put to death by a rioting mob.  
  (air-ee-uhl) from the Hebrew meaning Lion of God. More commonly a female name in the 20th Century but most famous being male moabites who were killed by David's warrior Benaiah.  
  (aw-dree) which is a variant of Etheldreda.  
  (aw-reel-yah) originating in the Latin for golden. Most famous being a French Princess who spent 50 years as a recluse in a Benedictine abbey in Salzburg.  
  (bah-bur-uh) patron saint of gunners, miners and firefighters.  
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