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Biblical Christian Male boy Baby Names

Christian Baby Names Biblical Names with Meanings

Are you searching for a Christian Baby Name for your new born baby girl or baby boy but are unsure where to start? Below, you will find (hopefully) some inspiration to get you started on your baby name search. Feel free to browse the alphabetic listing of Christian Boy Names and Christian Girl Baby Names below.

This is a collection of popular Christian male boy baby names. The term Christian names often confuses and to make clear, these originate from two main sources: the Bible and from the saints who have been created throughout church history. In some Western cultures the first name is also called the christian name with no real link to the Bible or the saints. Even in an increasingly secular society, Christian first names are still as popular as ever.

This section is a little different from the rest of the site where the meaning of the name is only given. It is the intention to give a little story or background to some of these biblical Christian names in addition to the meaning.

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  (aw-gus-teen) originating in the latin for great or venerable. Most famous being two saints, Augustine of Hippo and Augustine of Canterbury.  
  Biblical boys name which originates in (Hebrew) , appearing in 1 Kings 4:2 and meaning he that hears the Lord.  
  (bal-tha-zar) originating in Phoenician ba-al meaning protector of the king. The most famous being one of the wise men who traveled from the East to Jerusalem and then on to Bethlehem to worship the baby Jesus.  
  This isn't in fact a Christian name. It originates Swahili with an Arabic root meaning blessing. It is included in this section due to the similar sounding name to the last (Barak) and of course due to the most famous being Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States  
  (ba-rak) originating in the Hebrew for lightening, appearing in Judges 4:6. Most famous being the Israelite leader who led Israel's mercenaries against Canaanite forces.  
  (bah-rnuh-bus) from the Hebrew meaning son of encouragement, appearing in Acts 4:36. A Jewish leader in the early church who encouraged the leaders of the church to accept Saul of Tarsus' conversion as genuine.  
  variant of Barnabus - (bah-rnuh-bus) from the Hebrew meaning son of encouragement.  
  variant of Barnabus - (bah-rnuh-bus) from the Hebrew meaning son of encouragement.  
  shortened version of Bartholomew  
  (bar-thol-uh-mew) originates in (Aramaic) , appearing in Matt. 10:3 and meaning a son that suspends the waters. The most famous being one of the twelve apostles.  
  (bar-tim-ay-uhs). originates in Aramaic (bar) for son and Greek (timaios) meaning honourable. Most famous being a blind beggar from Jericho who, due to his persistence, recovered his sight from Jesus.  
  (buh-rook) Biblical boys name which originates in (Hebrew), appearing in Neh. 3:20 and meaning who is blessed. Jeremiahs secretary and companion.  
  Variant of Basil  
  (baa-zil) from Greek and meaning kingly.Cappadocian bishop whose influence on the early church and monasticism resulted in him being regarded as one of the Doctors of the Church. Patron Saint of Russia  
  Biblical boys name which originates in (Hebrew) , appearing in 2 Sam. 8:18 and meaning son of the Lord.  
  (ben-uh-dict) originates in the Latin word benedictus meaning blessed. The name has been (or adopted) by a number of saints  
  (ben-juh-min) originates in Hebrew and appears in Gen. 35:18 meaning son of the right hand.  
  (ber-nard) originates in Germanic, meaning "brave as a bear". Most famous being Bernard of Clairvaux who was a French Abbot. Honored today as the patron saint of cancer victims and also Gibraltar.  
  Biblical boys name which originates in (Hebrew) , appearing in Job 2:11 and meaning old friendship.  
  (blayz) probably originates in Latin blaseus which means lisping. Most famous being the fourth century Armenian Bishop and Martyr.  
  (blayn) originates from Gaelic "blaan" which means yellow. Probably the most famous is the Scottish Bishop from the late 6th Century who founded the monastery at Dunblane.  
  (boh-az) Biblical boys name which originates in (Hebrew) , appearing in Ruth 2:1 and meaning in strength.  
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