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Biblical Christian Male boy Baby Names

Christian Baby Names Biblical Names with Meanings

Are you searching for a Christian Baby Name for your new born baby girl or baby boy but are unsure where to start? Below, you will find (hopefully) some inspiration to get you started on your baby name search. Feel free to browse the alphabetic listing of Christian Boy Names and Christian Girl Baby Names below.

This is a collection of popular Christian male boy baby names. The term Christian names often confuses and to make clear, these originate from two main sources: the Bible and from the saints who have been created throughout church history. In some Western cultures the first name is also called the christian name with no real link to the Bible or the saints. Even in an increasingly secular society, Christian first names are still as popular as ever.

This section is a little different from the rest of the site where the meaning of the name is only given. It is the intention to give a little story or background to some of these biblical Christian names in addition to the meaning.

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  (KLE-ment) originates in the Latin Clemens meaning mild. Most famously the name of several Popes (the Bishop of Rome)  
  (KLEE-uh-pus) originating in the Greek Cleopatros which means "fame of the father". Most famously one of two disciples to whom Jesus appeared to on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24:13 - 32).  
  (kuh-LUM-buh) from Latin, meaning 'dove'. Columba of lona (c.521-597), Irish abbot and missionary. Columba (or Colmcille) was born in Donegal the descendant of two royal Celtic houses and was intended for the church from an early age. In due course he became a monk and spent some 15 years preaching and founding monasteries, including those at Deny and Durrow. Famously founded the monastery on the Scottish Island of Iona, from which he launched various missionary expeditions into Pictish Scotland and northern England.  
  [KON-rad] from Germanic kuon, meaning 'bold' and rad, meaning 'counsel'. Most famous was Conrad of Parzham (1818-94), Capuchin lay brother. Born into a peasant family of Parzham in Bavaria, he dedicated himself to a life of Franciscan simplicity as a Capuchin lay brother after the death of his parents in 1849. He took vows in 1852 and subsequently, as porter of the friary at the shrine of Mary at Alltotting, dedicated himself to the care of pilgrims there.  
  (KON-stuhn-teen] from Latin constans, meaning 'steadfast' From the name of Constantine the Great (c.285-337), the first Christian emperor of Rome and founder of Constantinople  
  (cor-mak) originates in Gaelic and means charioteer. the most famous being the Irish Abbot, Bishop and ultimately King, dying in battle in 908AD.  
  Biblical boys name which originates in (Latin) from the word Hornu meaning "horn" , appearing in Acts 10:1 as the name of the Roman Centurion who became Peter's first gentile convert. Also the name of one of the Roman popes who died in 253AD.  
  (Kris-pin) originates in the Latin word Crispus, which means "curly-headed". One of the two Roman martyrs who died in 285AD. Crispin and his brother Crispinian were two Roman subjects of noble birth who brought the gospel to Soissons in France. Honoured today as the patron saints of shoemakers and leather workers.  
  (Kris-puhs) originating in the Latin word for Curly headed. Most famous being the leader of the synagogue at Corinth, appearing in Acts 18:8, who became a Christian after having been baptised by Paul (1 Corinthians 1:14)  
  (si-ril) originates in Greek and means Lord. Perhaps the most famous is Cyril of Alexandria (376-444) who was the Archbishop of Alexandria.  
  (sy-ruhs) from the Persian (Kurush) for Sun or Throne. Appears in the Bible 2 Chronicles 36.22 with Cyrus king of Persia. Best known for conquering Babylon and allowing the Jewish exiles to return home.  
  (dal-eh-ah) meaning (freed by Jehovah) a descendant of the royal family of Judah. Appears in 1 Chronicles 3:24.  
  (dame-ee-uhn) from the Greek for "to tame". Most famous perhaps being the Syrian martyr although little is known of his life. Along with his twin brother he is the patron saint of surgeons and barbers.  
  Biblical boys name which originates in (Hebrew) , appearing in Gen. 14:14 and meaning judgment; he that judges.  
  Biblical boys name which originates in (Hebrew) , appearing in 1 Chron. 3:1 and meaning judgment of God; God my judge.  
  Biblical boys name which originates in (Hebrew) , appearing in 1 Sam. 16:13 and meaning well  
  Biblical boys name which originates in (Greek) , appearing in Acts 19:24 and meaning belonging to corn,or to Ceres.  
  Biblical boys name which originates in (Hebrew) , appearing in 1 Sam. 4:1 and meaning stone or rock of help.  
  Biblical boys name which originates in (Hebrew) , appearing in 1 Sam. 17:2 and meaning an oak; a curse; perjury.  
  Biblical boys name which originates in (Hebrew) , appearing in Exodus 6:25 and meaning the Lord will help;court of God.  
  Biblical boys name which originates in (Hebrew) , appearing in 1 Sam. 1:3 and meaning the offering or lifting up.  
  Biblical boys name which originates in (Hebrew) , appearing in 1 Sam. 1:1 and meaning he is my God himself.  
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