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Chinese Male boy Baby Names from China

This is a collection of popular male boy baby names from China along with their meanings. China is a fast growing nation with a population expected to be 1,357,313,812 (predicted for 2013) and the need for baby names is constant. Of course like any other nation, Chinese baby names are constantly changing and this is merely a selection of baby boy names. Names in China have a number of different roots, gleaned from over 5000 years of Chinese heritage and diverse dialects such as Mandarin and Cantonese dialects, different dynasties or religious influence like Buddhism or Confucianism

Traditions in China vary considerably from the Western culture when naming a baby. Chinese names are only ever repeated by complete accident with the majority of given Chinese names being completely unique. The given names below are therefore only really examples of some names which could be given to children. The order in which names in China are presented is the reverse to those from Western cultures. So, traditionally these would therefore be written in the following order: surname, given name. Often, confusion will arise as many western based (or children of nationals who have now settled in a country) will adopt a Western name such as an English baby name but continue to use their given Chinese name as a middle name.This page concentrates on boys names but the site also caters for Chinese Girl Names.

  Chinese boys name which has no distinct meaning. It is normally paired with another name to form a diminutive.  
  Chinese boys name which means (meaning) full of wisdom  
  Chinese boys name which means (meaning) soldier  
  Chinese boys name which means (meaning) precious  
  Chinese boys name meaning smooth  
  Chinese boys name meaning surpassing.  
  Chinese boys name meaning great.  
  Chinese boys name which means (meaning) sincere or honest  

Chinese boys name meaning success

  Chinese boys name which means (meaning) powerful  
  Chinese boys name which means (meaning) the wise one  
  Chinese boys name meaning intelligent.  
  Chinese boys name which means (meaning) big or great  
  Chinese boys name which means (meaning) knife or sword  
  Chinese boys name meaning virtue.  
  Chinese boys name meaning moral.  
  Chinese boys name meaning highly noble.  
  Chinese boys name meaning protects the country.  
  Chinese boys name meaning man of virtue.  
  Chinese boys name which means (meaning) shield  

Chinese boys name meaning appreciation.

  Chinese boys name meaning beginning.  
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