About Us

The makers of this site are based in Scotland but have taken a considerable amount of care over researching baby names from outside of this fair island. If, as a native, of any of the other countries concerned you see any mistakes then please contact us using the contact form.

Being a father of twin boys I take immense pleasure in the effort to all those parents of newborn babies. If the site were of any help to any parents then we would think that our effort has not gone in vain. We took special care to collect different names of babies throughout the world so that anybody consulting the site anywhere in the globe can find a suitable name for their newborn.

This site is designed to help you decide on names for your newborn baby. The site concentrates on Scottish Boy Names, Scottish Girl Names, Irish Boy Names, Irish Girl Names and Gaelic Boys Names and Gaelic Girls names. The site is fully searchable and if you are undecided on what ethnic origin you can search alphabetically. The site also has a sitemap but this isn't really recommended for effective searching.

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