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Welsh (Wales) Boy Male Baby Names

A small snippet of

Welsh Boys names

Name Category Meaning
Ab Owen Welsh boys names means son of Owen
Aberthol Welsh boy name Welsh boy name which means sacrifice
Abloec Wales boy names boys name which means relic of God
Achlad Celtic/Welsh boy name name which means shame

This is a collection of male baby names from Wales along with their meanings. Boy baby names in true welsh are often difficult to pronounce far less understand. Wales is a small country (although some refer to it as a principality) which makes up part of the United Kingdom. English is widely spoken but they are also proud of their heritage and language. You may find many of the names on this page difficult to pronounce and may find the Wales Tourist Board an invaluable aid.

Another aspect of Welsh names is that many are derived from Celtic or Gaelic (less so) roots. Therefore another page on the babynames site you should perhaps try is the Celtic/Gaelic Boys Names

  Welsh boys name meaning legendary son of Panon.  
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