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Turkish (Turkey) Girl Female Baby Names

This is a collection of girl names from Turkey along with their meanings. The modern complete Turkish name consists of both a given name and also a family name. Family names have only been used since the early 20th century.Many Turkish given names derive from Turkish vocabulary words, for example Emin and Tülay.

Turkish naming Traditions

At least one name, often two but very rarely more, are given to a person at birth. Most names are gender-specific: Oguz is strictly for males, Tugce only for females. Many modern given names (such as Deniz, "sea"; or Ulku, "ideal") are given to newborns of either sex. The Turkish word for name is either isim or ad.
  Unusual Girls name meaning golden which originates in Turkish  
  Exotic Girls name meaning healthy and vigorous which originates in Arabic  
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