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Sikh Female girl Baby Names

The following names have been obtained from a variety of sources and are taken in good faith. Most Sikh baby names, but not all, are derived from the Guru Granth Sahib and in most cases describe God's attributes and not ours. Most names are also made up of different parts which need to be understood. First there may be a Prefix or Suffix, for example, -pal, -want and -jit/-jeet, -preet, -inder, -deep etc. are far more common as suffixes. In addition you should also consider the last name which should follow the "rule" that Sikh girls are given the last name Kaur (meaning princess) and Sikh boys are given the last name Singh (meaning Lion) unless they choose to use a "family" or a "sur" name that is different from the aforementioned and it that case, they adopt Kaur or Singh as middle names.

  Sikh name meaning One unstained, without flaw  
  Sikh name meaning Pure, holy, clear  
  Sikh name meaning The Ego-less; Humble  
  Sikh name meaning Without Animosity  
  Sikh name meaning Night  
  Sikh name meaning Insignia; Banner; Flag  
  Sikh name meaning Ceaseless, continuous  
  Sikh name meaning One who Ceaselessly Remembers the Lord  
  Sikh name meaning Constant; Continuously; Goddess Parvati  
  Sikh name meaning Dispelled  
  Sikh name meaning Dispelled  
  Sikh name meaning A Beautiful Bird  
  Sikh name meaning The divine light  
  Sikh name meaning Lord of kings  
  Sikh name meaning Special  
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