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Norse Male boy Baby Names

This is a collection of male boy baby names from Scandinavia along with their meanings. Scandinavia of course isn't a country in itself. It refers to the region which comprises Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The names have spread through either emigration or indeed the warlike Norsemen who conquered (or at least had raiding parties) and settled in various parts of Northern Europe. For ease I have identified each name whether they are a Swedish (Sweden) boys name, Finnish (Finland) boys name or Danish (Denmark) boys name. Those which are not identified are commonly used in the whole of the region.

Viking names have become much more popular outside of their native homeland, especially since the recent television series with its tales of Rathnar Lothbrock (Ragnar - Hairy Breeches) who was a real life Norse Ruler and others such as Floki (meaning outspoken and practical). This is a list of Viking names along with their meanings.

  Swedish boys name which means (meaning) strong fighter  
  Norse boys name meaning "Vanir"  
  Norse boys name meaning "protection"  
  Swedish boys name which means (meaning) protector  
  Norse boys name meaning "tree fighter"  
  Norse boys name meaning "giver of reason"  
  Norse boys name meaning "from the corner property"  
  Norse boys name meaning "war bear"  
  Norse boys name meaning "war bear"  
  Norse boys name meaning "a mythical giant"  
  Swedish boys name which means (meaning) master  
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