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Italian Boy Male Baby Names

This is a collection of male boy baby names from Italy along with their meanings. This page concentrates on Italian Baby Boy Names rather than Italian Girl names. This list of top (or popular) Italian baby boy names provides a great selection of the most popular Italian baby boy names including the top fifty Italian boy names from 2013.

If you are looking for a more unusual Italian boys name or less popular, then this list of Italian baby boy names also provides traditional but unique ideas for naming your baby boy.

Italy is located in Southern Europe, a peninsula extending into the central Mediterranean Sea, northeast of Tunisia. However, through history it citizens have emigrated to seek "fame and fortune" and of course took their Italian names with them. You will now find names of Italian descent around the world most notably in the United States and the United Kingdom. Many of these boy names are in common usage today and whilst some become more "americanised" many are still true to their roots of being a truely Italian boys name.

  Italian boys name which is believed to mean (meaning) splendid gift  
  Italian boys name meaning Warrior  
  Italian boys name which is believed to mean (meaning) loyal  
  Italian boys name which is believed to mean (meaning) loyal  
  Italian boys name of uncertain origin or meaning but believed to be related to the Greek word for Eagle. Possibly a clan or family name.  
  Italian boys name meaning bean farmer.  
  Italian boys name meaning craftsman.  
  Italian boys name meaning blaksmith.  
  Italian boys name meaning peaceful ruler.  
  Italian boys name meaning Peaceful ruler  
  Italian boys name meaning happy.  
  Italian boys name meaning loves horses.  
  Italian boys name which is believed to mean (meaning) little flower  
  Italian boys name which is believed to mean (meaning) fountain  
  Italian boys name meaning Free or from France  
  Italian boys name meaning God given strength.  
  A rare Italian boys name which is believed to be linked to the region in Southern Italy  
  Italian boys name meaning From Gaeta  
  Italian boys name which is believed to mean (meaning) "from Galilee"  
  Italian boys name meaning strong warrior.  
  Italian boys name meaning white hawk.  
  Italian boys name which is believed to mean (meaning) "of Janus"  
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