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Indian Girl Female Baby Names

This page shows a list of Indian baby boy names. Indian girl (or female) names are on a separate page. Indian names are of course a collection of different ethnic groups, religions and geographic areas. For example, some names originate in Sanskrit and Hindi and through emigration have transferred what would be regarded as Indian names to Nepal, Fiji and Mauritius to name but a few. Some original Indian names have become anglicized when second or third generation Indians are growing up in western cultures.

Indian family names are based on a variety of systems and naming conventions, which vary from country to country and indeed region to region within India itself. Childrens names are also often influenced by religion and caste and indeed language. Some Indians also have a different birth name from their official name with the birth name starting with a letter based on the nakshatra or lunar mansion corresponding to the person's birth. Of course "official names" and using names is not uncommon with for example the use of nicknames in western culture or in some religions (such as Roman Catolicism) with a confirmed name. Similarly in Indian culture, some children may have three names as a part of religious teaching.

  Indian girls name which means (meaning) delicate  
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