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German Boy Male Baby Names

This list of German Baby Names has more than 300 names for you to choose from with both German boy names and German Girl names, along with their meanings. The names are listed in alphabetical order with a brief description of their meaning or pronunciation.

Germany has a long and distinguished heritage and many of the baby names (boy and girl) reflects this. Indeed, Germany has a legislation which says that first names need to be gender specific. From a first name, one should be able to distinguish whether the person is male or female and you cannot simply make a name up which has been a growing custom in some parts of the US and Western Europe. Names that are pulled from a hat or just invented, cannot be adopted by German citizens.These names are therefore for boy male names only.

If you are looking for the top 100 popular German names, then please see the Top 100 baby names section.

  German boys name meaning ruling raven.  
  German boys name meaning famous in battle.  
  German boys name which is a variant of Ivo.  
  German boys name meaning Jehovah has remembered.  
  German boys name meaning happy.  
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